Social Responsibility

We Are Not Plant-Based, We Are 100% Plants

We are committed to safely and responsibly sourcing every aspect of our products-- from the plants themselves to the bottles and packaging -- in a transparent and eco-conscious way. 

We curate, formulate, package, and ship ALL in-house. This means that we know exactly where each of our products come from, down to what was bottled, where it was bottled, and who bottled it. We are dedicated to remaining a cruelty-free company across all methods of production and make all of our flora fusions with a conscious intent, backed by years of botanical research, chemistry profiling, and product approvals from estheticians. We believe all living things should live a healthy and harmonious life, and our practices ensure that this belief is consistently met. 

We Aim to Empower People & Celebrate The World Around Us

Our earth is comprised of wild, lush, and exotic lands that are abundant in sustainable plant life and product extraordinary extracts known for their phenomenal skin-healing and nourishing properties. Our global sourcing method directly supports and empowers the lives of those living and working in impoverished countries, and our sourcing process helps to celebrate and conserve the wildlife that pollinates and protects our globe. When you purchase our medleys, you become an integral part of our self-empowerment mission by helping men and women, saving wildlife, and preserving natural habitats.