100% BioActive Plants
+ Simple Routine
= Healthy Skin

100% BioActive Plants
+ Simple Routine
= Healthy Skin

100% BioActive Plants
+ Simple Routine
= Healthy Skin

It's never to early to pamper your skin!

It's never to early to pamper your skin!

Bioactive Plants feeding your skin

Colorful skincare

• No Water
No Parabens
• No Fragrances
• No Lab-Derived Synthetics

Why Choose LouLei?
Why Choose LouLei?

Why choose Loulei? Here are seven reasons why we are the right choice for YOUR skin!  We could list several more, but we believe in conciseness, […]

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Lab-made Skincare, did it Damaged your Skin?

It's easy to feel helpless with little results when you use skincare made from synthetic white powders, gels and toxic ingredients. You may wonder why your skin is not improving or even, looking worse.

Can we ease your mind a bit? The truth is, it's easy to feel frustrated looking for the right skincare. You're not alone!

You just need the right products! 

We have the right non-toxic, organic and colorful botanicals feeding your skin's health at a cellular level for a radiant appearance. 

We took the guess work out!

We combed the earth and hand-selected brilliant botanicals for their skin-enhancing powers full of potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

We choose small farm partners dedicated to cultivating ethical, sustainable and earth-friendly practices. 

Lady holding serum

No One Wants Lacklustre Skin, We Get It!  

We know what it feels likes to not be happy with our complexion. We all want to start our day with skin we feel fabulous in with skincare that promotes skin health. 

We at LouLei, vow to only formulate skincare that improves the health of your skin and never damages your dermis. 

We believe YOUR skin should look vibrant and healthy too!

We invite you to try our Waterless skincare

Renewing Skin Serum - LouLei Botanicals

Renewing Skin Serum

Face Nectars

Cleansing Oil

Revitalizing Rescue Butter

Revitalizing Rescue Butter

 We Are Not About Reversing Aging 

(because you can't)

We Are About Enhancing The Most Beautiful YOU!

(because you can)

I can't believe how incredibly soft and dewey my skin is now, I've struggled with dull skin for years! 

~Leanne S.

I love my skin again, it's gone from sad and dry to alive and radiant.

~Taryn P.

Being in my early 60's my skin was needing a fix. LouLei's products feels like my skin has been given CPR!

~Kara P.

Fine lines and dry skin has burden me, since using these products my skin honestly looks healthy.! 

~Marsha C.

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