About LouLei

We all deserve to blossom, to look our best—and to delight in the skin we’re in.

For that, we should embrace organic wellness inside and out. By embracing the plant kingdoms gracious flora we nourish, revitalize and protect our skin -- and all that it does for us. Even more, we create a daily practice that pampers and indulges our skin for a natural vibrancy and ethereal glow.

Our benevolent earth has already provided the abundant nutrients and remedies our bodies crave. Sadly, little of this bounty, packed with profound healing properties, ever make it into today’s skincare. As an enthusiast for all things from nature -- finding safe, transformative, and botanical only skincare that I could recommend—or use myself was an enormous challenge. What’s more, I yearned for the intentionality of ingredients of an artisanal formulation that would form the heart of a nurturing and beautifying skincare ritual.

I knew there had to be a better way...

   and my passion became my purpose with LouLei Botanicals. 

      The journey has only just begun.

LouLei Botanicals is a luxurious, harmonious and 100% botanic line curated solely by hand. We are wholly committed to continuing scouring the world for the most elevating, organically cultivated and ethically sourced compounds. Because of this diligence, all of our medleys provide essentials nutrients for your body’s sheath.

That’s just the beginning, though! I want you to revel in your skin, to look divine and feel enchanted. That’s why my serums, butter and nectars are infused with lush aromas and deliver an ambrosial feel. Rejoice in a lavish sensory experience time after time with plants from around the globe.

To promote this kind of sumptuous self-care, I personally ensure that every drop of these creations is bestowed using ingredients with integrity and formulated with intention, without any fillers. As a result, they perform with the kind of skin indulgence that you—and others—will cherish.  

Green Earth Enzyme