LouLei’s Origin

The ocean is where my soul breathes best…


As a little girl who grew up in the Evergreen State of Washington, I recall most of my childhood being spent running barefoot through magical forests, exploring the beauty of the native trees and flowers, swimming playfully in the nearby lake and playing with my farm animals. Indulging in the smells of blooming flowers, clean evergreens, earthy hay, musky leaves and the mountainous lake ignited my senses, created an innate part of who I am and what I do today. 

Living with the vibration of nature and its captivating aura, being outdoors was my haven. This sensation of belongingness to nature sparked the idea of LouLei Botanicals® – skincare directly sourced from earth. Organic cold-pressed plant oils, wild-harvested butters, mineral-rich clays and aromatic botanical extracts reconnect us to nature’s soul food - invoking nature’s authenticity, they are rejuvenating for our skin and senses. 

My quest for unearthing the healing powers of nature continued and it wasn’t long before I became a Functional Holistic Health Practitioner. During this time I came to realize that external treatments are equally important as the internal, and, yet, truly safe, sustainable, and earth-sourced skincare that nourishes and protects our skin was lacking.  

I shifted my focus toward the external aspect and became a certified aromatherapist and studied from an international cosmetic biochemist that introduced me to our planets most complex healing botanicals and revealed key extraction methods that won’t compromise our health or our eco-system. 

With LouLei Botanicals, I made a statement that it is certainly possible to provide women with intricate fusions and high-performing skincare using indulgent, organic raw ingredients paired with the most ethical of business practices. I knew this could only be done by personally hand selecting indigenous herbs and plants, hand-curating the products and being hands on with the day to day operations. So that’s what I set out to do! 

In my free time I return to nature constantly to be inspired by hiking the gorgeous trails in SoCal and kayaking in the ocean below my home

I personally ensure that every drop of my botanical creations is fashioned with an unparalleled depth of research, love and passion, and genuine commitment to health, humanity, and planet sustainability. I hope my products will become a part of your daily ritual and inspire you to make positive and healthy changes to your life.