Plant properties have been used in herbal medicine and body care for thousands of years.  In fact, the process of steam distillation for essential oils alone has been documented for at least 5,000 years.  This process of plant essence extraction for healing is the most common form of distillation used in aromatherapy today.  Through the process of technology, there have been incredible breakthroughs in plant extraction utilizing a new distillation process called CO2 extraction.
CO2 creates the CLEANEST and SAFEST extracts one can find

Here at Lou Lei Botanicals, we like to call this process: “Plant Intelligence”.

CO2 Extraction (also known as Hypercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction) is a carefully crafted process that involves extracting both plant essences as well as their essential oils in the distillation process.  At 33 degrees Celsius, carbon dioxide transforms into a state known as “hypercritical”.  In this state, the carbon dioxide molecules contain qualities of both a gas and a liquid- yet is technically neither.  As this process extracts both the plant essences AND its essential oils, even more of the plant’s healing properties are distilled- thus creating superior quality products.

As offering exceptional and sophisticated skincare is our top priority, we believe that utilizing this method of CO2 extraction is cutting edge and offers a high-caliber result in the products we offer.  All of the plant CO2s used in our products are also either wild-crafted (plucked from the wild) or organic.  It’s not just skincare, it’s an experience!

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