Introducing the Future of Skincare with Powerful Plant Intelligence

We want to share a secret with you!

Not all botanical skincare products are created equal. At LouLei Botanicals (pronounced Lou Lay), our carefully crafted skincare line was developed by two ‘green’ loving sisters and a leading International Cosmetic Biochemist utilizing a breakthrough process refer to as ‘Supercritical Plant Extraction’.

Let’s talk about this.

Supercritical Plant Extraction is a relatively new and highly efficient process that creates extremely pure plant extracts. When plants go through this oxygen-free distillation process, the essential compounds are drawn from the raw plant material and directly into our products. This renders the purest, highest potency and most naturally sophisticated product possible.

Haven’t heard of this before?

We’re not surprised; in fact, most well-known skin care manufacturers haven’t either. This is a truly revolutionary and innovative process that we believe will change the game of skincare forever, and we’re proud to lead the way in the market.

So, what does all this mean for your skin?

Our powerful anti-oxidant defense line of oils and extracts will rapidly repair, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin leaving you looking your absolute best and brightest, every day. You WILL feel it working from the very first time you apply!

Explore our products and discover the remarkable skincare benefits you can experience through Supercritical Plant Extraction.

Start defying the signs of aging NOW!!!

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