We all desire happiness and well-being for ourselves and those we care about.  Yet, the reality is that the world we live in can often feel cold, threatening, and lonely. It can be so difficult to see the good in humanity some days, and trying to make a difference can seem overwhelming. How does an ordinary person make a positive change in this world?

The truth is, attempting to make a positive impact in the world doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. We believe change starts with “paying it forward”.  Paying it forward is all about doing something kind and unexpected for another living creature.  This could be covering the bridge toll for the person behind you, buying a meal for a less fortunate person, or visiting to a local animal shelter, such as the GentleBarn.

At LouLei Botanicals we believe these small acts of kindness have the power to spread happiness on a broad scale. Collectively we can create a better, kinder world.

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