What do you get when you mix two moms – who also happen to be sisters – together with a shared passion for finding that quintessential “fountain of youth”? Two words: LouLei Botanicals.

I had always been a kid who loved to ask ‘why’ and to spend time exploring for answers. As I got older, I developed some health challenges. These took a toll on me physically and emotionally. When I triumphed over my long-time battle with infertility and gave birth to (premature) twin girls, I then found myself struggling with sleepless nights, daughters with health challenges and no time for beauty regimens – even 15 minutes was more than I could spare.

I started looking for options, working with researchers and product developers. This lead me to further my education about how the body is designed to work, and how nature already provides remedies for whatever ails us, and, sadly, about how little of these natural elements ever make it into today’s products, not only the ones we consume as food, but also the ones we use on our skin. I realized that there’s a better way, and that my passion had naturally become my purpose. The best way for me to have the type of impact I wanted, in providing to women like me, products with essential amounts of the finest raw ingredients without being limited, was to start a company. That’s when I sought out my sister, Monique.

“My sister Michelle usually calls me ‘the absent-minded professor’ LOL so I guess her description is a step up! It is true: I have a love for nature and am a bit of a plant geek. That said, my holistic approach in researching is very much aligned with our planet’s ecosystems. The ocean is where my soul breathes best, but I’m drawn to all things that are pure and most beneficial for mind, body & spirit. I started my studies on how the body functions and how it best thrives on whole food nutrition back in my early 20s.

Later, I worked as a functional health practitioner running labs and using my holistic approaches to help clients improve their health. I realized that external treatments were as important as internal, and, yet, truly safe, sustainable and natural skincare that nourishes and protects the largest organ of our bodies – our skin – was lacking. The more I studied, the more I came to the same conclusion my sister did about passion and purpose. Bringing women high quality, high performing, and luxurious skin and body products using only the most superior wild-crafted and organic raw ingredients and the most ethical of business practices IS possible. But it’s realized only by starting a company where control of its products, operations and marketing is ours. So that’s what we’ve set out to do!”

Monique and Michelle — tired of looking and feeling tired and of having to spend oodles of time and money on skincare that never quite succeeded in bringing back a healthy vibrant complexion — created LouLei Botanicals. Together, these holistic “nature-loving” sisters personally ensure that every drop of their botanical creations is fashioned with an unparalleled depth of research, love and passion, and genuine commitment to health, humanity, and planet sustainability.

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